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Dec 13, 2011
I've been reading Dilbert for years, and this one has finally made me sign up just so that I could vote for it.

I know just how Asok feels.
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Dec 12, 2011
The PHB is "focusing" on Asok. Asok has been taking lessons from Wally as part of Wally's Zen Corporate Subversion elementary routines....wait 'til Asok gets to the more difficult ones...
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Dec 12, 2011
I've seen (ok, I've heard) of interns doing almost this exact same thing -- only with a customer.
Dec 11, 2011
I'm beginning to think that TheShadowNose IS bio!
And he's adopted the second pseudonym to annoy those white conservatives...


(... just joking, TheShadowNose... or bio... or Scott... orwhoeveryouare...)
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Dec 11, 2011
The Analogy:
All baby birds (Asok) leap from the nest and either flap-&-fly or flop-&-fly, the latter in this case entails a quick down-ward descent and the nasty engagement of few obstacles (branches, eaves-trough, the waiting cat!(the PHB), etc.) then, after hitting the ground-level (frames 4 & 5) and with a little luck, and some nurturing from a mama/papa bird (corporate mentor-Wally/Dilbert), the baby bird (Asok) will be up and flying in no-time!

The Moral of the Story:
A good Mentor will save you from the claws of the cat!

Wally Rules! Go Wally!
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