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Dec 18, 2011
My career in 8 panels.

Best comment is, "Blah, blah, blah, Ted's coaching me, blah, blah, give Ted a raise.'' Also fit's my career (and not as Ted.)

I'll bet the 31 hidden comments are saying the comments are hidden. Perfect example of Ted's work?
Dec 18, 2011
Problem: Being told to go to Ted for Knowledge.

Solution: Spread rumors that Ted has been calling Alice fat behind her back.

Notes: Make sure to compliment Alice's Fist of Death after the solution is completed.
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Dec 18, 2011
Looks like Ted's work is done for the day!
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Dec 18, 2011
Hey Dilbert, you grabbed the project with 25 focus for the next year. Do not worry...Even thought Ted is a horrible teacher, he has a good memory. He (Ted, of course!) has already sent you the last speech presented by professor Green Smith. As you said you have the knowledge to set up every gap in this project and made it be successful.
By now, you just have to show up on next world meeting and up-to-date the new software drivecar oxigen-hydrogen mediated. The pollution is going to be over! :)
Dec 18, 2011
In PHB's brain, the discussion was interpreted like this: blah blah blah, Ted is coaching me, blah blah blah. PHB's note to self: give Ted a raise.
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