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Dec 23, 2011
And the 1% actually expect us to believe it...... wait, we do.
Dec 22, 2011
@ ThisSucks
"This cartoon is supposed to be funny but to me it is sad. It is sad because people think it is funny. People think it is funny because they think the PHB is totally clueless."

It IS funny, and PHB IS clueless. It's funny because it's so painfully true that those who DO work hard are only given more work. While those who reap the rewards of others' hard work on a daily basis are given even bigger rewards for being completely useless.

P.S. How long have you been a CEO?
Dec 22, 2011
Richard: See what you can get if you set goals and work hard, Larry?
Larry: My father worked hard all his life, and all they gave him was more work...

-- Weekend at Bernie's
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Dec 21, 2011

ha ha ha! I think you love me so much... :) :) :)
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Dec 21, 2011
What does the CEO get if company goes bankrupt? Fifty Million dollar bonus. More if they get a bailout from the government.
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