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Jan 17, 2012
I wonder if the secret meeting of the billionaires club ends up having a high population of short, balding, nearsighted lawsuit winners ...
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Jan 17, 2012

Yes, I see that the Bilderberg Gro, *knock*, *knock*,...ooops...er...hold on a sec RxF, someone's at my door?!?!

<off in the distance you hear muted voices>

oh?....HELLO Morpheus?!!!.....MATRIX?!?!?........I have a choice? - Blue Pill... ...Red Pill?

<...and down the rabbit hole I go....to be continued...>

Jan 17, 2012
EMU, Thank you for the link.
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Jan 17, 2012
UNICORN - To see a unicorn in your dream symbolizes high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also symbolizes power, gentleness, and purity. Alternatively, it may represent your one-sided views.

KEYS - To dream that you find a key indicates that you have found a solution to a problem.

Someone is dreaming is all this means. If the next scene were to be shown we would probably see wally waking up.
Jan 17, 2012
I have to add this philosophic type question. What will Wally do not that he as no real reason to avoid work? The man has spent his lifetime nurturing a career of not doing anything productive. Now, with $1B, he has no reason not to work. (I think that double negative works here.)
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