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Feb 29, 2012
Wally is going for the Gold as far as not working is concerned. If all of his contact is through the internet, no one can tell if he is working or not.

That's why I work for people via the internet! This is really the age of the freelancer, now that the interwebs are readily available and offering the kind of speed and reliability necessary.
Feb 29, 2012
Phase 2 of the Wally Inc. business strategy. Brilliant!
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Feb 29, 2012
Wally's idea of a "nut job" is:
1. anyone who might make him work
2. anyone who might ask him to work
3. anyone who points out a reality other than his
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Feb 29, 2012
- and that's the nearest Alice will get to proposing , this February 29th !
Feb 29, 2012
Really good illustration of Wally's terror. I wasn't prepared at all, and I actually laughed out of surprise as well as humor.
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