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Mar 3, 2012
I wonder if this is how the current Jobs Czar for the present Administration has been doing their job the last 3 years.
Mar 3, 2012
Zen Master Wally!
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Mar 3, 2012
A lot of what Wally says to the Pointy Hair Boss sounds like it comes from a book called Business Babble. I noticed the book when I was in Barnes and Noble the other day.
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Mar 3, 2012

Drawing the cartoon is the easy bit. The hard bit is thinking up a (usually) brilliant idea that brings enjoyment to millions - and then doing this for every day of every week.

And I doubt that SA gets anywhere near the money paid to a pop singer performing someone else's words, or the oafs kicking a leather sphere around for 90 minutes once a week.

You're worth every penny, Scott!
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Mar 3, 2012
Even funnier than the strip: BritTim channeling Wally! LOL!
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