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Apr 1, 2012
Am reminded of the Indian army chief's recent letter to Indian PM. Army Chief has used the word "obsolete" to describe the state of our air force. Soon after the letter became public, the defence minister gave a statement, "with less panic", reassuring Parliament. The affair is still going on. Dogbert has made PHB to act like a hybrid of Army Chief and defence minister.

PS: Does PHB have the ability to move his scalp at will and make his hair cones point in different directions?
Apr 1, 2012
RIM corporate meeting?

"No, the fact we abandoned the consumer sector doesn't mean we lost the battle and we are now retreating back to our castle, waiting to be slain by our rivals. We are not panicked honestly, we are just urgently trying to focus".
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Apr 1, 2012
April fool!
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Apr 1, 2012
Let's hope airline pilots don't get THIS training.
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Apr 1, 2012
I think most of the boss's faces had a creepy vibe.
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