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Apr 12, 2012
If you want to have your bonus from this company, you will have to beat the CEO at poker to get it from him....
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Apr 12, 2012
OMG, poor Asok! The Shared Services value added business model is the ultimate modern Trojan Horse of business models. Sounds great, looks wonderful on paper, will supposedly provide leveraged buying, improved service, improve processes, standardize, and reduce administrative support costs.

And it's full of ancient Greek soldiers that will swarm out during the night and destroy your company from the inside! It totally reduces accountability and totally empowers the "wallies" of the company, while completely destroying the soul of anyone who in any way shape or form actually wants to be productive. This will be the "dream come true" for Wally, Alice will be okay because she will completely dominate and intimidate her group into submission, Dilbert will implode in a vacuum of despair, Asok will be devoured, Catbert will expand his department and kingdom, Dogbert will retire in fortune from all of the presentations he will be paid to give, and Carol will continue to live in abject apathy.
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Apr 12, 2012
@ MarillionFan
>> When you're no longer idealistic,
>> you're dead. Or ready to move
>> into management.

I tried both, with no success at all. Beeing either Wally or PHB makes me sad again ....

Next time I will replace the phrase "too old to be idealistic" by "old enough to have experience" :-)
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Apr 12, 2012
"Change creates the illusion that we have a strategy"

How very, very true -- or, at least, management *thinks* it's true. Like many places, we don't have enough people to do all the work. So what does management do? ROTATE everyone around into other people's jobs in the name of "cross-training". That way, we can halfway do someone else's job that we half understand instead of doing our OWN job, which we completely understand and could do much more efficiently. Result: even LESS work gets done.

But, by golly, I'm just SURE those managers have a strategy. All this change and activity on their part proves they must know what they're doing. Right?

When you worry, fear or doubt,
Run in circles, scream and shout!
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Apr 12, 2012
It's never a good idea to beat someone every time just because you can.
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