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Apr 17, 2012
PokerGrumpy, it isn't so much about Heisenberg as it is about Schrodinger: An object can simultaneously exist in two contradictory states, until it is observed, at which point one or the other manifests.

The answer to PHB's question is tricky because, if he observes it, it will no longer be in both states, but in one or the other. Either it will be totally successful, or not yet started. That's what Thadde's alluding to, and speculating - as I think we all can, despite the random nature of quantum mechanics - as to which state it will be in.
Apr 17, 2012
@Thadde: So, Wally is incorporating the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle into his methodology?
Apr 17, 2012
Behold Schrödinger's computer!
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Apr 17, 2012
@ Thadde - you actually KNOW Wally ? ? !
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Apr 17, 2012
Wally, the master of Quantum work; Both working and not even started working.
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