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Apr 17, 2012
I like Wally's positive attitude here-- his project is totally successful before it's even started. I'm guessing most projects in Wally's company are doomed to fail before they even get started and he knows it.
Apr 17, 2012
I've got a suggestion for the project name.
Admittedly it's based on an unproven assumption on what Wally is short for, but couldn't it be...
Quantum of Wallace?
Apr 17, 2012
It's a "computer" you say? Wait till IT get involved
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Apr 17, 2012
Tricky indeed, as Wally's project can only remain in this dual state of being successful and not started as long as it has not been observed.

But for some reason, knowing Wally, I feel like one of those two states of existence is much more probable than the other...
Apr 17, 2012
The more the PHB observes Wally's project, the more likely it will never be in a completed eigenstate, due to the quantum Zeno effect. Wally wins again.
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