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Sep 14, 2012
LOL - I always knew I shared some traits with Dilbert.
May 7, 2012
I like the optimism of PHB.
May 7, 2012
I'm sad to say I've "been" Dilbert. Even sadder is that my boss played a pretty good PHB in that situation.
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May 6, 2012
Garfield came to Dilbert's booth
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May 6, 2012
Corporate presence is always a mighty good reason to pay exorbitant money to have a booth.
In bad cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York where the unions are so strong where you can't change a burnt out lightbulb or plug in a extension cord without having union goon do it for you for a price. Dilbert could have turned the Alice incident around with the claim they were trying to protect the chair where every 50th visitor to the booth would sit, receive a free app , and get his picture taken with Alice or he could hold up a sign saying Alice worked for the other company.
Either way next year the booth will be will be better than ever, with foam corporate logos.
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