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May 19, 2012
The employee-minded types hate encountering the start-business types.

Feeling superior over a state-school degree is the last refuge of failure.
May 19, 2012
So did Bill Gates. How unfortunate for him never to be able to work for PHB.
May 19, 2012
One startup and I chucked the technology model. NOw If he had IPO'd 3 times it would be
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May 19, 2012
Fact of life in the U.S. economy when looking for employment. If you don't have a degree then go to fast food and get a job. Certifications are like extra credit only if you are already employed.
May 19, 2012
Probably would have fared better if he told PHB that he'd been arrested for embezzlement and investigated for investor fraud ....
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