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Sep 12, 2014
If the company is big enough legacy systems are never completely replaced. As people are too afraid to replace what they do not understand.

For example, legacy COBOL software in banks.
Jan 18, 2014
Of course "legacy" systems eventually become orphans. That's the beauty of the plan. All those customers will have to go to "experts" like Wally for customer support, so that he can be paid ten times more than he is worth as an independent contractor, to supplement the three times he is worth already getting, !$%*!$% up the pension fund. (BTW, any censorship that appears is because I am using the same terminology he used in the strip.)

And, oh yeah, as I predicted, his retirement plan works...
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Jan 18, 2014
This works until legacy systems are replaced... But yes, this is nice plan:)
Jul 6, 2012
The only truely satisfying path towards the perfect retirement that the books and seminars don't tell you, and only we, the chosen few, have found and followed...

I will begin the final phase, !$%*!$% up the pension funds, in January, 2013..
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Jun 5, 2012
Way to go Scott. This one of your all time best!!
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