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Jun 11, 2012
You have to concede it, that was pure, evil genius.
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Jun 11, 2012
Training? Whats that?

The closest thing, I've ever seen, to training is the deep-end method. Its like teaching someone to swim by dropping them in the deep end of the pool.

And the amount of time given the 'trainee' has to complete the project, including learning how to do it, is the same as someone with years of experiance
Jun 10, 2012
I remember this feeling when trying to get my RHCSA... in the end I had to pay for myself to get it.
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Jun 10, 2012
Note that the coffee cup changes hands from the third to fourth panel and from the fifth to sixth panel.
Jun 10, 2012
This also gives Dilbert something to say when his next interviewer asks him the inevitable "Why do you want to leave your job and join herpcorp"
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