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Jun 15, 2012

It is important to have a good work skill ethic, and be well rounded. And to use peer review, and proper design process to avoid critical failures. (Protective failure like fuses are good)

I am not a professor, with the time to give lectures on complicated systems, tradeoffs, balances, limitations, cost, and manufacturablitity. It is a valuable talent / skill to be a professor. It's is difficult job. (Pointless to a disinterested audience. )

Why should somone not in a position of authority,, have the justification to demand changes / justification for design rational, or product changes?

Yes I am a big fan of Kaizen, but that seems to be already in process.
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Jun 15, 2012
@ rstoddart
You are also a pompous blowhard. Every job has its value. Most of the laughs in the Dilbert cartoons come from jeering at people in professions that aren't engineering - lawyers, accountants, people in the arts and media, politicians, which is fine as long as you stay in the tiny world of the cartoon strip, but it is a bit tragic when (as appears from many of the comments) people actually start to believe that the strip and their comments reflect some sort of reality.

And as for "I am not here to be your friend" - well, boo bloody hoo.
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Jun 15, 2012
>> I am an Engineer,
>> My job is to make things work.
>> To save lives, increase productivity, and make the future.
>> I deal with facts, numbers, and calculations.
>> My work is to avoid the impossible, and find the loophole in the limits
>> of materials and systems.
>> Anything you want that interferes with above, I cannot abide.

>> I am not here to be your friend.

With your kind of job, you have to be very straight and very clear. So I agree to "unfriendly" behaviour. But a lot of jobs are different, and sometimes you need a friend or a supporter to get things done, even if you have to change the "shade of green" to somebody elses preference.

But, of coause, I've had fantasies like that often enough for myself.
Jun 15, 2012
@rstoddart: This is all nice and dandy but, you are not infallible or omniscient. So, you'd better also have those skills that allow you to interact with others. Learn from them and let them learn from you.
(A non-engineer)
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Jun 14, 2012
Too bad this guy talked to Dilbert - I would have loved to see Wally's response....
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