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Jun 18, 2012
sounds like Ozzy at the Alamo in Texas
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Jun 18, 2012
Wally was simply paying homage at the shrine. The Elbonians have no sense of humor....
Jun 18, 2012
Things had gotten boring, we needed a good international incident to stay awake.
Jun 18, 2012
Thanks, mikea105 - maybe you're right, who knows ? :-)

You know, it never occurred to me that this sort of urinary extraction double entendre might not be understood that side of the pond.. maybe an educational parody to the tune of Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" is called for.
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Jun 18, 2012
Same thing for "hair of the dog".

Like I mentioned the other day, no need to fret that Dilbert is an American strip, there are plenty of things that Americans (including myself) don't get either.
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