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Jun 19, 2012
Wow. From the score that nelkins has racked up,
it looks like Kim Jong-un reads Dilbert.
Jun 19, 2012
OK mcbure, that sounds reasonable. Thanks!
Jun 19, 2012
@mcbure you're a little off in your reply to @imbaldeagle

They're unlucky twice:

1) Lose 1st parent
2) Lose 2nd parent

3rd unlucky event would be getting hit by the missile and dying themselves.
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Jun 19, 2012
@imbaldeagle 1st] they lost their parents, 2nd] they must live in orphanage, 3rd] their orphanage was hit by a rocket...
Jun 19, 2012
Please, a little clarification for those of us who are a little slow in comprehension - When the Elbonian says "What are the odds they'd be unlucky three times?" - Does "they" refer to the orphans? It would seem so because "we" fired the missile, so it's probably not the missile builders that were unlucky 3 times. If so, how were the orphans unlucky 3 times?
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