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Jun 20, 2012
@RxF: One definition of a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. This definition applies to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and every other country we pay to hate us and plot our destruction. OK, I retract my comment. Beside, sending Afghanistan into space would impart an unseemly wobble to the rotation of our planet.
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Jun 20, 2012
There are rare earth minerals in Afghanistan but as mentioned hard to mine with armed
opponents. Robotics may resolve this. Perhaps Elbonia will provide protection for the Asteroid
in orbit around the moon with their rocket if they can just resolve the orphanage roof problem.
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Jun 20, 2012
I laukgh at the moonwalk belilevers who ignore the 500 pages of evidence in Dark Moon that they didn't. The monwalk believers never explain why every mission since the alleged Apollo ones never go beyond the Van Allen radiation belt. As for a secret space program.... it's like religious mystery...having to be accepted on faith.
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Jun 20, 2012
@dirtking239 and pokergrumpy

Would I be right in guessing that it is not your country either to shoot into space, or indeed to mine minerals?
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Jun 20, 2012
perhaps a similar strategy would work in wv to prevent mountaintop removal
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