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Jun 27, 2012
I remember when The Onion created a fake news report saying that Apple was introducing the MacBook Wheel and a bunch of Apple followers went crazy for it. But that's what happens when you drink the punch.

Jun 27, 2012

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Jun 26, 2012
Silly boss with the Gadget Nose, they're always encouraging such an activity of temptation....

So how did it smell, you goofy slop....? At The Lost Bear, the Bee's swarming around 'ought to sting you right up your toilet cover.... All Eye's Are Watching You, and they're going to send you to Room #101; oh my dearest little bossy poo....

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Jun 26, 2012
I liked the one the editors blocked more.

And re the Apple products, I love the concept of Jailbreaking. People buy an Apple Product then hack it so it can be like an Android one.
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Jun 26, 2012
Apple pixie poop gives you a nose app. Maybe the PHB should have dumped it on his head....
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