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Jul 2, 2012
Ya, human extinction though what precisely? Failing to reproduce? Not likely as ugly people "do it" all the time, they just get drunker than [bleep] first, much of the time... Stupid people also reproduce as well, more prolificly than do many a smart person.

As for walley attempting to smile, he needs much more practice... Because that does look like a grimmice. We are what now - nearly 8 billion beings ang getting more populas.. Though not apperently stronger..
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Jul 2, 2012
Reminds me of the famed bull named "El Hetero" feared by many Spanish bullfighters.....Wally doesn't need braces, either.....
Jul 2, 2012
Hey, I actually found the story you were talking about!
The gorilla was Bokito from the Rotterdam Zoo in 2007.
Jul 2, 2012
Just to combine @jo_jo_ba and @rxantos' comments, I hear that it was actually Alice who was smiling at the gorilla, and that when it escaped to attack her, she beat the cr@p out of it for practice.
Jul 2, 2012

The third option is what Dilbert means. Since Wally looks less attractive (and pretty creepy too) when he is smiling.
Scott probably couldn't get Hetero***ual pass the filters.
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