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Jul 12, 2012
Stop me before I manage again.
Jul 12, 2012

"The PHB needs to get out of the private sector and get into state or federal government. "

Isn't government ****ed up enough?
Jul 8, 2012
@wilo - yes it *was* to work at that company, but that makes it even more of a pleasure to *not* to work at that company now
Jul 7, 2012
It's like someone who knows that an economy operates on the health of its private sector trying to explain it to a mindless collectivist.
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Jul 6, 2012

"If you're in marketing, they say innovation requires liquor.
If you're in liquor, they say innovation requires marketing.
What do you guys in engineering use?"

In engineering and finance, we use spreadsheets. Not as much fun as liquor, but beats the heck out of marketing.
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