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Jul 22, 2012
I want to know more about the story this was based upon.
Did someone actually say that to your face!?
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Jul 22, 2012
It was reported that the Grum botnet, responsible for roughly 20 percent of the world's spam, has been taken offline.

That should give us break from spam . . . for a day or two.
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Jul 22, 2012
"based on a true story"

years ago (as in late 90s) I coworker/friend of mine asked if I'd agree to let his nephew interview me. he was in college & had an assignment to interview someone working in the field so I agreed. most of his ?s were pretty canned: "what do you enjoy most? given the chance to do it over would you still go in this field?", etc but his last one was an open-ended: "what do you think I most need to know that my ?s didn't cover?". I thought this was an excellent question, pondered for a moment & answered:

"most people think Dilbert is a cartoon strip... they're wrong - it's a documentary..."

wonder what ever happened to him? I'll have to look my old coworker on liknedin & ask him to ask his nephew if he remembers me saying that...
Jul 22, 2012
Happy Anniversary. Have a great day and hopefully not eat any lemons.
Jul 22, 2012
Reading that this was based on a true story stirred up compassion and took all the funny out of this one for me.
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