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Sep 14, 2012
Spoken like a true Randroid!
Sep 14, 2012

A republic does not have to be democratic and as far as the current state of the US is, I would say it's more of a kleptocracy than a democracy.
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Sep 14, 2012
Dear DesultoryPhillipic, imagine, what else can put down your will to fight the system than the chance for better life - even if it's just a possibility? All other systems suppress your will and your liberty, so you have more will to fight it. Democracy in it's roots doesn't do it. It gives you feeling of free breathing. So you don't feel the need to fight it. And this is the punch line :) So you work, pay taxes and don't revolt. You have a feeling you are equal to every other around you. If you knew that you're just a chess piece on a chess board of the powerfull men, you'd see it other way...
Sep 14, 2012
PHB: silence is wisdom. (That's the ONLY way he's gonna seem wise.)
Sep 14, 2012
@ mcbure

Hardly! Democracy is not in rich people's interest, by it's definition, since there are more poor people. I'm glad America is a "republic"!
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