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Sep 17, 2012

I hate to think of how many people are just like her.

David Eddings wrote a book called The Losers in which he postulated that some people do this sort of thing because their lives are so empty. They create their own crises and drama as a way of giving their lives meaning or importance. I'm glad that I don't feel so unfulfilled that I have to inflict that on myself and others.
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Sep 17, 2012
I wasn't married to your sister, was I? If she didn't have kids, I'd swear it was.

My ex was the same. Always saying the world was against her. All self induced by waiting till the last minute to do things.
Then being nasty to friends that had enough of her. Mainly as she shat all over them with her problems. Helpful people that got badly inconvenienced to the point of saying 'no' which ment they were now 'against' her too.

Should have heard how evil I was when I had enough.

Now I'm more ready to use the phrase "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine"
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Sep 17, 2012
Not just in every workplace. This is definitely my sister. She always lost her keys, ever since she was a teenager. It was suggested that she get a bowl or a hook to put her keys everytime she came in. She claimed that was a stupid idea. It wouldn't work, because she said she would forget to do it....... 30 years later nothing has changed. She still gets up 5 minutes before she has to be at work and rushes around yelling because she can't find her keys. When I was visiting with her one day, I had been there for several hours. Just when I said I needed to get going because I had stuff to do, she needed me to watch her baby for "5 minutes" because she hadn't paid her electric bill, she had received a notice, They were going to shut it off if they didn't receive payment. Today was the last day she had to get it in (I'm sure she got the notice at least a week ago, but waited til the last day). The office was going to close in 15 minutes....... She couldn't have paid it earlier? Had to wait til the last hour of the last day? Couldn't have asked me to watch the kid while she went to pay it BEFORE I had to leave? But of course it was the universe was out to get her, she had bad luck, the electric company was !$%*!$%* her over (by actually expecting her to pay her bill I guess).....
Sep 16, 2012
"Your last self generated crisis" Hahahaha! :)
Yep, always one of those people in the workplace. Life is their own private soap opera, they're the star and everyone else is a supporting character.
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Sep 16, 2012
I have to admit, I AM a slob. Funny thing is - odds are very good that I know where the stuff I use the most is. As for the stuff I don't use so much .... I pretty much know where it is too, unless my mother or GF decide to "clean-up". My place isn't really dirty - just very disorganized for the average person.
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