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Sep 26, 2012
Slightly different one.
I worked on a project for a customer upgrading one system with our competitors upgrading another one. Our companies had put these systems in years before and the customer wanted them to start talking to each other.

Integration testing was a nightmare with the other vendor claiming all data errors were ours till we put a serial analyser in the way. Very tense time.

Then we suggested they leave their equipment overnight at ours , to help us with some final tests. They said no, then complained to the end customer that we were trying to get them to violate their terms and conditions, breach licensing agreements, etc. A friend at the end customer's site told me it was a full on strop. The dummy was spat and all the toys were out of the pram.

Boiled down to them not being ready with the rest of their system and trying to use us as an excuse for delaying the project.
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Sep 26, 2012
This is a great representation of how it is trying to deal with any corporation. They turn human beings into programmed automatons whose job is simply to repeat set lines. I'm pretty sure the corporate execs have very *pleasant* dreams of replacing customer service staff with sophisticated voice recognition software.
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Sep 26, 2012
The question Dilbert asked was a "Yes or No" question.
And she answer with NO. What part of NO does Dilbert do not understand?

The 2nd part is asking why and she saying that she does not need to give any reason to why.

And the 3rd part is Dilbert getting mad because someone say no to him and he didn't understood why. And she refuting that irrelevant of what he wants, they will continue to do things their way.

This sounds like some people marriage isn't it? :)
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Sep 26, 2012
Ahhh.... that's how we've always done it. Reminds me of the story of the monkeys in the zoo. As an experiment a bunch of bananas was fixed at the top of a rope. When a monkey climbed the rope all the monkeys were hosed down by the zoo keepers. As you can understand, when the monkeys learned that, they prevented any monkey for climbing the rope to get to the bananas. This behaviour persisted when the zoo keepers no longer hosed any monkey down. Gradually over the years all monkeys of the original troop were replaced so that in the end none were left. But still, when a monkey tried to climb the rope, he was stopped by the others, because that was the way they had always done it....
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Sep 26, 2012
We? Yes, the sweet times of cooperation when the workplace becomes divided in "we" and "they".
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