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Feb 3, 2014
@dorkbert - Though what you posted was borrowed content it is the best comment I have come across on Dilbert.com :)
Sep 29, 2012
If I could just sit next to our CEO ...
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Sep 29, 2012
To meet or not to meet, 'tis the question. Or on the other hand, perhaps a meeting should be taken to discuss whether or not meetings should be taken in the first place. I am sensing an infinite regression here...no wonder companies don't get stuff done. Wally's example is far better...he just stirs the pot a bit to keep things interesting...the Zen of Wally...
Sep 29, 2012
zomg - so true
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Sep 29, 2012
Theory Update:

Further research has revealed fascinating new aspects to *administratium.*

Atoms of this element tend to form tiny Moebius strips. This gives even small samples a characteristic glow of arrogance and futility. Some theorize that administratium ISOdope, A-56, is the main component of constipation, government gridlock, and eventual cosmic entropy.

Radio astronomers investigating *dark matter* now think that whole areas of the Universe were once highly bureaucratized and have since degenerated to administratium sludge. Hubble images taken of particularly intense radio sources of administratium seem to contain innumerable retired CEOs, CFOs, and politicians frozen in vast intergalactic clouds of the stuff.

Occasionally, anti-administratium meets with administratium, and the result is mutual annihilation that releases enormous amounts of lethargy. Such an event seems to happen quadrennially in the U.S. It is quasi-energy totally devoid of practical use, except to generate consulting and advertising fees, leading to mass delusion and hysteria.

Anti-administratium has been developed in minute !$%*!$%*!$ as a by-product of weapons research. CIA reports suggest Iran and North Korea are at work developing anti-administratium gas to be delivered during U.N. sessions.
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