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Oct 25, 2012
Of course the PHB would know how to attract little children...
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Oct 1, 2012
A better way, and less prone to mistaken pedophilia charges, would be to sponsor science fairs. And be an off-school resource.

That way you get to know which of the children are inventive. And they get to know your company.

On second thought, in the case of Dilbert company, the worst thing they can do is to have the children get to know the company.
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Oct 1, 2012
Only thing that could make this funnier would be if PHB told him to take Wally with him and get Wally to wear an old raincoat.
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Oct 1, 2012
Please, HelmeetElGato, be being sarcastic!!! But perhaps your social attitudes and presumably little knowledge of this strip are putting you in a position of misunderstanding the joke...
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Oct 1, 2012
I'd say PHB liked the candy...but no one would have ever confused him with a nerdy future-intellect. Then again, he is suggesting candy, not smart-phones...
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