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Oct 7, 2012
"It takes so much work to get informed that it defeats the whole point of having an opinion in the first place."

That is an opinion. Where's his "hard data" to back that up?
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Oct 7, 2012
Wow! That's one of the best Sunday strips in a long time.
Oct 7, 2012
I underestimated Wally,he has so much wisdom ! :)
Oct 7, 2012
I think the general statistics that news source A provides which indicates how misinformed people that use news source B are is enough to show it's totally nuts.

Hey... wait a minute... why does something suddenly feel wrong.
Oct 7, 2012
For some time I have suspected that Wally is based on me, and now it is plainly so. I don't mind being spied on, but I think I am entitled to royalties.
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