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Oct 21, 2012
That's actually true .. there ain't too many "non-idiotic" (i wouldn't use the word "smart") people left out there ..
Because, smartness lies is selling "s h i t" to those idiots who buy "s h i t" by paying a fortune ....
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Oct 21, 2012
More jargon:

Cloudwish - The PHB's request.
Cloudhogwash - Dilbert's response.
Oct 21, 2012
"We don't care what smart people think. There aren't that many of them."

Well, when one considers that half of all Americans are of below average intelligence, and a good many more aren't much smarter than that, perhaps the PHB has a point. It certainly seems to be working for some political parities!
Oct 21, 2012
On re-reading this, I noticed something... Dilbert said he "moved" the software to the cloud, he didn't say he "implemented" the software on the cloud; In other words he simply just uploaded the software to a server on the Internet be that to say... a source control server?
Oct 21, 2012
Has anyone heard of the government's "cloud first" initiative? This explains how we arrived at such a strategy.
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