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Nov 19, 2012
What a heartwarming bonding moment!
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Nov 19, 2012
CEO is getting there, but in the U.S., is is best to have the chargers break after 91 days so that warranty coverage doesn't kick in. Back in the early 90s, Apple Computer had gotten a quantity of Quantum hard drives for their desktop Macs whose grease tended to dry out after about 100 days. Not only did Apple enforce their brutal 90 day warranty for a time, but they actually returned the drives back to Quantum, who offered Apple a TWO-YEAR warranty. This was a John Sculley era debacle, and after this, Apple had to adjust their U.S. warranty to One-year (Europe already had longer warranties by statute).
Nov 19, 2012

Yeah!! And what about that industry that made me switch from svideo and component video to HMDI. I've got all these cables, which were the standard, and those jerks don't even make adapters. I had to buy all new cables for my new products. Making connectors smaller and more capable is so sleazy.
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Nov 19, 2012
But doing away with deregulation would stifle business and innovation...

Or is it this kind of business and innovation that is killing us?
Nov 19, 2012
About this matter, i think that a real GREEN product is the one that last at least a decade. Why?, because it should be build once x decade and it could be resold (that is ten folder times better than recycle). But now, most organizations are more worried about "hey, this device contain a microgram of lead... let's go with our torch and pitchforks".
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