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Dec 6, 2012
Then become a bitter manager and expect other people to do the same.
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Dec 6, 2012
Holy hole in a donut, it's official; Scott does have surveillance equipment at my company.

...Back to my cubicle and the lovely fluorescent glow that nourishes my spare tire and ghostly pallor.
Dec 6, 2012
Not such bad advice - better to crowd out personal life altogether than to have a family/friends and then crowd them out. ;D
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Dec 6, 2012
ASOK asked wrong. He should have asked "What is advice for the easiest career". And he would have probably got this 1st ... "Become Wally", 2nd ... let your hair changed into pointy style ;-)
Dec 6, 2012
in business you dont get what you deserve but what you negociate.
that is how career works out.

another PoV : "career : big hole you make for your own grave. often flooded to ensure your sunken under work."
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