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Dec 19, 2012
I love comic strips. Must start my day with my fix. I believe I get it about parody and sarcasm. (Hey, I’ve got and autographed Pastis book.) But Scott went over the line on this one. Calling a direct teaching of Christ “dumb” (Matt 7:12) is really beyond good taste. No, I’m not going to incite a riot or burn a Dilbert doll (even still reading the dailies). But, I think an apology is in order. If you take it seriously it does work.
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Dec 11, 2012
There are plenty of dumb policies out there. You do a great job of mocking some of them. Thanks for the entertainment. However, the golden rule is not one of them. Sorry, but I'm afraid you lost a lot of respect
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Dec 10, 2012
The price for truth from the PHB is a hundred bucks. Wonder what it would cost from the CEO...
Dec 10, 2012
Bshanks has it right. Gensler's formulation is the one I use to avoid that exact situation.

The Golden Rule is much better for running product development, design, and much more if you know how to use it. Check out my site on this: http://www.goldenrulenow.com
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Dec 10, 2012
I still think that that idea is the no.1 rule of ethics and could together with two others be far superior to "the ten commandments".
I suggest:
2. Don't do what you don't want everyone else to do as well. (for non-inter-human actions)
3. Help the less fortunate.
Of cause you could make a joke of these e.g. 2nd: I don't want everyone else to use my bathroom, so I can't take a shower.
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