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Jan 2, 2013
"I thought that Catbert purpose in life was to make employees life as miserable as possible. "

Absolutely. The PHB himself is an employee, and like the Spy in Stratego or the doctor on a vessel, the ordinarily low-ranking HR head gets to pull rank on anybody under the right !$%*!$%*!$%*!$ and enjoys doing so. The house cat enjoys menacing both small animals and "masters".
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Jan 2, 2013
"Well, he IS trying."

"Yes: VERY trying."
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Jan 2, 2013
It's a little hard to swallow "He who would be greatest must be servant of all.", but I'm surprised to find Catbert expressing something of that idea. I guess he's just enjoying confusing PHB.
Jan 2, 2013
Any leader who thinks they're a "great" leader, isn't even a good one.
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Jan 2, 2013
Two "awesome" punch lines in a row...
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