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Mar 11, 2013
@nelkins- also parachutes seem to be redundant, as statistics prove they are hardly ever used nor required during 99% of the fall.
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Mar 11, 2013
The color printer was moved to the PHB's office. He did not need a color printer because he never does anything that requires a color printer, but all of the managers met and decided that all managers will have a color printer in their office. So, this will not show up as a budget cost, the color printers have to be moved from extisting places that actually do work that need color printers. Aren't big companies great with their logic...
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Mar 9, 2013
@alcalde Been there too! Badge access to the lab stops working if you don't visit the lab frequently enough. The lab is across the street and down the road a piece. Of course we don't visit it very frequently.
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Mar 9, 2013
I worked at a billion-dollar company's HQ for six months. During that time the shared network partition for our department filled up (nice work, sysadmin!). IT comes up with this brilliant solution: disallow access to the partition *to those who don't use it regularly*. The director asks me if I use the partition and explains why. I repeat it slowly to see if maybe he didn't understand what he's asking. Nope, he still doesn't see the logical failure. I tell him that I don't use it; my friend says he uses it all the time. A few weeks later my friend tells me he's put up a beta of internal software he's been working on on the shared partition to have the rest of us check it out. I and others tell him we can't because we no longer have access to the partition. He stopped using the "department-wide" network share too because now it wasn't department-wide.

A month later there was still no space left on the partition. I ask the director about it and he says he doesn't know what the status is but thinks the V.P. is "working on it". Did I mention we were one block away from a Best Buy? My offer to walk down the street, buy a hard drive, come back and install it in the server was met with silence and a glare, which was better than the "we don't say things like that" lectures I'd gotten before. Fortunately I quit a few weeks later; for all I know they're still trying to decide what to do about a filled hard drive partition a few years later.
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Mar 9, 2013
And un-laundered, presumably? Or wouldn't that affect the shirt color?
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