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Mar 26, 2013
Excuse me while I get my magnifying glass out to look for the GrayStone Industries label on the robot.
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Mar 26, 2013
this is going to water down the robot's coffee something fierce...
Mar 26, 2013

[Robot was disgruntled because he does not has a clear objective. And PHB has to come to this -destroying the robot - because of his continual inability to provide a clear objective]

Read yesterdays comic. The robot is disgruntled because Dilbert and Wally hacked into it. And now Dilbert is blaming the PHB for it. Unusually sneaky of him.
Mar 26, 2013
The possibility of a warranty protecting against 'bad management' seems to be a forever unrealized dream. Imagine it. Or even better, insurance policies protecting against it. The premiums would, of course, be astronomical, but if a company could only insure itself against loses from the incompetency of PHB's. Any insurance brokers out there? What would the actuarial tables look like? I see a real business opportunity here.
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Mar 26, 2013
I know we're all having fun with the robot, but does anyone realise Scott's satire?
About how easier it is for management to "replace" workers they've destroyed than "replace" devices they've destroyed?
Hence my comment on "non-union robots".
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