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Mar 30, 2013
To misquote the famous saying:

Those who can, do. Those who can't, manage.
Those who can't manage, manage managers.

..works for me :)
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Mar 30, 2013
Ingmar - love the comment about the coffee break. Well done. On the other hand, perhaps Zen master Wally moved Asok over to Wally's left without Asok's even realizing it. If he starts giving lessons on how do this and Alice starts to learn some of this stuff - fasten your seat belts, folks...
Mar 30, 2013
PHB is well on his way filling out his 'bull**** Bingo' card. My own personal favorite was 'In the loop', or conversely, 'Out of the loop'. It took all my discipline not to laugh out-loud when they were used.
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Mar 30, 2013
@Sailormac - I agree. If I was the PHB, however, I would need to discipline both Dilbert and the snickering Alice.
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Mar 30, 2013
He's a news flash for you. While most people in meetings are thinking that, they have enough intelligence and maturity to realize if they say it out loud, like our hero Dilbert, they will be on the next bus out of there.
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