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May 9, 2013
@saiken not being aware of them doesn't mean they do not exist. France which is considered to have one of, if not the best healthcare system in the world is a socialized system, Italy, Japan, Austria, UK and many others use socialized health care systems tho the funding is done in different ways and all these health care systems are generally rated to be far better than the current system in the US.

The US system is the worst out almost all 1st world countries, as for Obama's Health care reforms, that is not socialized health care but rather mandated private health care which you are right in thinking is worse. This only removed two issues the first being people being denied health coverage because of preexisting conditions and the other being insane waiting times caused by hospitals having to check medical insurance (which is worse than the waiting times of the UK NHS system that has long waiting times due to underfunding). Overall Obama's solution is actually a step AWAY from a socialized system as it moved the market even more into corporate hands.
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May 7, 2013
1. strange how the "silliest" cartoon gets the most serious responses !

2. but, to be fair, the surgeon DID actually get the PHB back on his feet in double quick time - we didn't even know he'd been in hospital !
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May 6, 2013
The PHB is a storehouse of knowledge, experience....and other things...
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May 6, 2013
@R3sistance: I partially agree with your assesment. In my opinion, the biggest downfall to capitalism is the people who practice it. (Of course, the same can be said of any institution!) These days, people generally are more interested in making a quick easy buck than in doing the right thing, or even in doing something well. Capitalism must be constrained by ethics, i.e. self regulation through a knowledge of right versus wrong. But who wants to be bothered with ethics any more in the age of moral relativism?
BTW, I'm not aware of any successful socialized health care systems. And I don't expect the US health care overhaul to be any different. Good thing my family is healthy for now.
May 6, 2013
@saiken I couldn't disagree more as it goes, I believe that "pure capitalism" will always inevitability become only monopolization in the long run (attempts at establishing Laissez-faire economics are good evidence of this in several countries, including new zealand). The only way to prevent that is with sensible regulation but then it's not pure capitalism is it? Also as time goes on the regulators themselves get corrupted and you get a kleptocracy (which is the current state).

Of course socialism isn't the answer either but rather there is a sensible balance between the two and healthcare falls very much into the social side of the equation. Heck, the best healthcare systems in the world, literally all of them are Socialized systems and yet most capitalist systems on the flip side are extremely poor. I'm the kind of guy that looks at what works and what doesn't work and then goes with the thing that works, I would call myself a realist in this respect. Anybody that thinks capitalism of any sort does a good job at health care in my opinion is living in fantasy.
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