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Jun 12, 2013
Asok - it's time for some technique lessons from Wally....
Jun 12, 2013
Scott, 'tis time for a life-changing (temporary as it might be) event to happen to PHB, just to make me feel better and even the playing field for poor Asok. Please make it happen ASAP! I smell an Elbonian detention center....
Jun 12, 2013
I was frequently surprised at how some managers (and I'm thinking of one little toad especially here) repeatedly took credit for other peoples work, how nearly every worker knew it, but his boss did not. 'Great job, Russ', after three others really did the duty. And that boss was not the only one fooled. One of the unsolvable mysteries of the workplace, I guess.
Or maybe it's insoluble.
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Jun 12, 2013
PHB believes in CYA
Jun 12, 2013
"If it's good, it's my work. If it's bad, it's this other guy's work."
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