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Jun 25, 2013
So long RSS. I just yanked the Dilbert widget from my Bloglines. Ta! I'm outta here.
Jun 25, 2013
If you put a wet sponge in the microwave for a minute or so it kills all the germs.
Not that I'm suggesting anything to PHB.
Jun 25, 2013
PHB can solve the problem by getting the right sub-contractor to work with Dilbert. I have one in mind, I think he's called Bob Squarepants.
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Jun 25, 2013
"Due to changes" explains the how, but I think we deserve an explanation of WHY you don't want us to read your comic anymore.
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Jun 25, 2013
The PHB had better be careful - next time around Dilbert may upgrade from insult to assault...
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