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Jul 3, 2013
I was let go from a former company that was "going in a different direction" and then got a 15 year award notification in the mail. Went online and got a new coffee maker. Companies never cease to amaze me.
Jul 2, 2013
Hi folks,
usually I don't apologize for typos. Apparently there is a top secret key combination to post your message while you're still typing it (shift Enter?)
"for than a bit of" = "more than a bit of"
"solve" = "solved"
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Jul 1, 2013
Ah, yes, acknowledgment! Our organization just gave out t-shirts and pens imprinted with "You make the difference!" and cute little stars and curlicues. I also recently got a lovely computer-printed, framed piece of paper (the thick kind, not junk!) acknowledging my 15 years of service. My department Director also gives us cute pins to wear on our lanyards and a mug that says some form of "Thank you for your great work!" at Christmas. The only thing I can't figure out is how to deposit all this into my bank account.....
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Jul 1, 2013
Wally's job isn't meaningless, he has the critical system password.
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Jul 1, 2013
They are both paid the same presumably, but Wally enjoys himself as Dilbert does both jobs....Wally is a light year ahead of Dilbert....
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