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Jul 1, 2013
My former company had a project that was stuck because of one serious programming problem. Several senior developers were brought in and failed. So they brought me in and I actually solve it. And quite fast too. So the same managers who begged for my help made a big fuss and...
...praised the project manager for being such a great leader making his developers work overtime. These managers wouldn't even talk to me after I've saved their project.
So I left the company and found a better paying job elsewhere, and if you saw their faces when I left I think you could have seen for than a bit of panic.
Jul 1, 2013
I have, in front of me as I type this, three pins. A bronze one that says 10 years, a silver that says 20, and a gold that says 30. Okay, they are of those colors, if not of that actual substance. I doubt if they would be accepted anywhere as legal tender. But at least I have my memories...
Jul 1, 2013
My "organization" presents a letter of recognition, a hearty handshake, a lapel pin and a gift card for people who manage to hang on for ten, fifteen, twenty, etc. years. Not an award for work well done so much as a reward for surviving so many years. We don't have to be good, just stubborn. The gift card is very nice and the pin is good for a bulletin board.
Jul 1, 2013
And what is the acknowledgement? A gift of:
A pin?
A bottle of honey?
A flashlight?
A small, pink, pig piggybank?

[Yes, these are real awards given out at a certain company!]
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Jul 1, 2013
I always acknowledged my co- worker’s contributions. It makes me appear humble, honest, and a team player. It keeps them happy, and gives me someone to blame if thing don’t work.
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