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Jul 22, 2013
It sounds like you've heard of Dr. Helen's book. (Dr. Helen is Mrs. Instapundit.)
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Jul 22, 2013
I've read every Dilbert strip ever made and have been a fan for years. This strip has made me consider never reading the bloody thing again. Given the hostility in the comments, maybe the woman in the strip is on to something... seems that being without a man is the best way to not only avoid being raped or murdered, but is also the best way to avoid, whiny, entitled little !$%*! who feel victimised by the equal rights movement. Cry me a !$%*!$% river.
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Jul 22, 2013
you need men xactly for the reason the strip highlights.. for someone to listen to your whining and blaming.. women don't listen... :P
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Jul 21, 2013
Kurausu you are a racist against robots. You should read/watch "Chobits" and then tell me robots can't demonstrate true love. What about Astro Boy? He is a robot.
Jul 21, 2013
You've all missed the point! Since Dilbert has to be rated-G, the true nature of woman's dissatisfaction with modern man (in panel 5) was not actually stated, nor was Dilbert's alternative (panel 8). In "real life", the woman is dissatisfied with the man because he doesn't know how to properly satisfy her in bed. Since she is bored (and thus becomes boring), the man resorts to !$%*! If you think I'm wrong, then what's with (a) the amazingly high divorce rate and (b) the multi-billion dollar !$%* industry? A good follow-up strip would be Dilbert attending couples therapy with the robot complaining there's no emotional connection.
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