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Aug 5, 2013
I can't understand why richmahn got so many negative points (-28), when what he wrote is the truth. If you drag the picture with the mouse and try to position Frame 1 over Frame 3, you would see the exact correspondence, except for PHB's fingers. Scott does it again and again. I have a feeling that the negative marks are a hack job.
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Aug 5, 2013
This comic strip is excellent. But please change server or webmaster. The troubles with this site is embarrassing.
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Aug 5, 2013
@ R3sistance

As far as we know, Scott has found a job he likes:

Apart from that, it's really the same as in most jobs without a fixed income: Once you reach a certain level, you can make a lot of money by just showing up :)
That doesn't mean the work of other, less-paid cartoonists is worse. And it doesn't mean your work is always "a piece of artistic ingenuity" (I like the phrase) - well okay, some people want us to believe that a stronger connection exists... most of them make more money than I do...
Aug 5, 2013

and your point is? Scott's work just shows re-usability and I doubt people would say that scott's work is a piece of artistic ingenuity that is innovating the entire art world. However it is re-usable which coming from an engineering perspective is a good thing! What really matters here is the content rather than the medium and the content is what is in the speech bubbles which is easiest and best displayed in a comic strip form.
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Aug 5, 2013
The only drawing change Scott had to do in this whole thing is moving the boss's arm down. While we know the building exterior is reused from past strips, I bet even panel 1 and 3 are from past strips...such an easy job. And he probably gets $1000s for this. Just interesting to note.
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