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Aug 21, 2013
While walking fast, Wally can be heard muttering- the rest room... must...hurry...
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Aug 21, 2013
Walking urgently is part of the technique, but complete the effect by carrying papers - you'll get almost anywhere unchallenged as you're obviously on an important mission.
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Aug 21, 2013
if I hadn't perfected my " urgent looking walk " while I was still working for other people I don't think I would have survived, or I would have ended up in the news. Dealing with my co-workers would have driven me insane.
Aug 21, 2013
reminds me of the old movie cliche, where some of the main characters are having an improvised meeting in the halls of the CIA/FBI/police headquarters while walking fast, and talking fast in a very serious tone. (because walking real fast is one of the essential tools of handling a crisis)
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Aug 21, 2013
Wally's too busy to be bothered by mere work. He seeks greater challenges, like spending a whole year flying under the radar and still scoring an annual bonus from his non-performance report.
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