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Aug 26, 2013
What is the PHB head doing in his pants?
Aug 26, 2013
Alice's head looks like a baby bottle
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Aug 26, 2013
The applicant accepted your job, but now all the other places he/she applied are starting to respond, and invariably, at least one will be a better deal.

Early in our marriage, after an exhausting *we will get back to you in several months* job search, my wife quit a newly accepted *Pay the Bills* job because her *Reach* dream job she had applied for finally called back and made a terrific offer. I had to heavily encourage her to quit the Pay the Bills position, loyal-minded as she can be. Years later, that good choice has been obvious.

Look out for yourself, because hierarchical soul-less e n t i t y will not!

Hiring employers should show a lot of love those first 2-3 months to deflect other tardy offers from the applicants job search. It takes that long to see if your new hire is not a *touch and go* to a better choice.
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Aug 26, 2013
Or he got another job offer and wanted to see if he wanted that job instead.
Aug 26, 2013
Another management layer for poor engineers to report.
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