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Sep 5, 2013
? niche ?
Sep 5, 2013
Go Google yourself. :-)

Not only are they doing it for employees, they are googling customers.
You can pay to have your online image enhanced by a pro.

I suppose we could take advantage of this.
you could generate a post that says you were nominated for the Nobell prize is computer science? (It's spelled Nobel ) , there is no Nobel prize in CS but people offten
I think there is a market nitch here,
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Sep 5, 2013
I am also certain that the NSA hires its operatives from the vast store of internet data they have collected on all of us. Maybe the NSA can sell some of its data to businesses and thereby reduce the national debt. Or have more money to buy newer spy techniques and spy on us more efficiently. ALWAYS use an alias when on the internet. Make the NSA do some work to find out what you are doing. A grand day to all.

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Sep 5, 2013
Never use your real name.

Better yet, use the name of someone you hate. Like Carol did with PHB Facebook account.
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Sep 5, 2013
Well, that explains your alias!
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