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Sep 8, 2013
Get it in writing. and it is still even odds Dilbert will never see a penny extra. No PHB knows what budget he will have next year.

@mayhem Next time work out the agreement more carefully. Use the internal organs of your supervisor and a bunch of nails to attach them to the wall spelling out "PAY ME MORE!" His successor should be more open-minded about your obviously reasonable requests.
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Sep 8, 2013
I think Dilbert has achieved after many years the thing that we all dream we could. After having his morale chipped away until it's dust, and his self-respect siphoned off like a wood chipper !$%*!$% up a hedgehog he finally reached the perfect state of nirvana, the truly blissful place of " I truly don't care anymore "

Because he's at that place he's successfully turned the tables on the PHB by destroying the PHB's ability to function without him, if he fired Dilbert he'd only have to start over with the morale chipping and hedgehog siphoning, and after dealing with Dilbert, Wally, and Alice all these years he simply doesn't have the energy for that.

Moral of the story, Corporations aren't just evil for what they do, or for how they treat their employees. They are evil because essentially they're sociopath training centers.

Which shouldn't surprise anyone in the Industrialized world, I mean from 2008 Corporations pooled together in a plot worthy of a bond villain and attempted to destroy the world for personal gain. I mean in ways a bond villain is preferable, at least they have some insane ideology behind it beyond greed. Then they had the ability to ask the Governments of the nations they nearly destroyed for money... and we gave it to them.

Think on that a little, but before you do make sure you have some hard liquor and a shot glass.
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Sep 8, 2013
So how come I did not even get the 5% raise :(
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