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Sep 21, 2013
neither understands the other's language. i had the same situation on the rare occasions i talked to the director.
Sep 21, 2013
Perhaps PHB should ask about the proper use of a powerful production tool that operates as front end work bench, blah, blah, blah
I got into a spot of trouble for laughing out loud in a meeting where I heard that one.
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Sep 21, 2013
Legacy Systems = Company fired the original programmers and no longer have anyone who can maintain it.
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Sep 21, 2013
My experience with legacy systems is that you are very lucky if the code can be effectively maintained at all. Believing you can impose any kind of coding standards on such systems is simply laughable.
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Sep 21, 2013
Careful, Scott Adams. As Tom Lehrer commented, satire comes from anger at some level, but when it's just angry, it's not funny anymore.
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