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Sep 24, 2013
ROI = Really Obnoxious Information? Just guessing....
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Sep 24, 2013
Sounds like the Nobel Peace Prize Committee giving out Nobel Peace Prizes to leaders who start wars.
Sep 24, 2013
Dogbert never said who that ROI was for... Assuming Dogbert toke a taxi to the office and paid himself for 4 hours work... the 9000% RoI could be for himself being an executive coach.
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Sep 24, 2013
Must be human nature through and through.
It's amazing how many church folks are willing to pay pastors how much to "get things done" without asking the people to change.
Sep 24, 2013
Scott, you should see me grinning and clapping! It's as if you're with us in our company! It's tragic!
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