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Sep 26, 2013
There is now a way to test sociopaths with FMRI.
The subject is asked to visualize himself hurting; certain parts of the brain light up.
Then he/she's asked to visualize a stranger hurting; most of us would light up similarly, but the sociopath has either no response, or his/her pleasure centers light up.
Kick another cat across the room; how'd that feel? [GOAL!]
It should be a test for political office! Most incumbents would flunk it.
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Sep 25, 2013
The CEO's hubris and lack of self-control might lead to his demise one day if someone can manage to figure out a way to engineer it....I mean Dilbert and Wally are engineers, right?
Sep 25, 2013
Alas, psychopaths are rewarded in the tax code.
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Sep 25, 2013
Sociopath, definatly a Sociopath...
From: "http://www.diffen.com/difference/Psychopath_vs_Sociopath"

Sociopaths often have successful careers and try and try to make others like and trust them. This is because they understand human social emotions quite well but are unable to experience them. This allows them to be master manipulators of human emotions.
A sociopaths can plan acts of violence for years and may often be motivated by greed or revenge. Violent crimes by sociopaths are often controlled and often go undetected until after a sociopath is caught.
A sociopath would likely live an outwardly normal life and appear to blend in well with society; they may even be charming.
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Sep 25, 2013
May be, CEOs are more likely to be psychopaths. But psychopaths can be anything...executive coaches too...
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